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Welcome to
Mt. Vernon Community Presbyterian Church


We’re Back!... (I hope)

The choir is meeting this Sunday
When church is finished and done
We’re gonna see who wants to
praise and sing and have fun

We hope the virus is waning
And folks can join in song
So we are planning our choir season
(And hope that we are not wrong)

We would love to have more voices
To sing and praise and pray
But we will listen carefully
To what the CDC has to say.
Right now we are moving forward
Planning music for the year
We are ready to unite our voices
In song for you to hear.

We practice Sunday mornings
For about an hour long
We give you coffee, sometimes treats,
So join us, you can’t go wrong!

Phil, Julie and Lynn are optimistically planning our music season.

Please consider singing or ringing!  Talk to any of us if you have questions.  We would love to adopt you into our musical family.  And a bonus… each Sunday we try to learn a new “Phil fact”… you will have to come to find out what that means!

Hope to see all of our singers and ringers back for the new season!


…We shall never depart

People see me today---smiling---
Shaking-hands---“The Great Encourager”!
But there was a time…
It seems like a lifetime ago---where---
Well let’s say, “Joy had left Christmastown”---
I came to the point in my life
Where I thought:  “I have nothing left to ‘give’”!?
Seemed like everything “good”
In my life had vanished!
(but we can’t out-give God)
We can become so fixated on
What isn’t there, that we
Fail to see the Bigger Picture?!
(God has made us a people that serve)
Give a person “a cause” to wake-up to
And they find their True Identity!
    My new buddy McGoo in the
Retirement home wheeled his chair
Up to my keyboard---I could see his
Face come to life, talking to me off & on
Throughout the program---he tells me later---
His dad played piano by-ear---
He could play any song he heard---
    For that one-hour program
In his heart & soul
McGoo was at his father’s side
Faithful to the end (of time)
God made me realize that day
We never forget the Life He gave us:
In an instant, we are back at His side---
…bring up a child in His ways
and he shall never depart…

Happy summer

Timmiegee 2021



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