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With things finally starting to feel somewhat back to normal, it has been decided that we will have 3 Christmas Eve services this year. They will be the usual 7:00, 9:00 and 11:00.

I hope that you will decide to come to at least one of those services!  For me, Christmas Eve is spending time in church with carols and candles and friends, celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is a glorious time to be together and I am grateful that we feel safe enough to allow that to happen this year.

I don't have any particular details about the services, and since this is Pastor Matts first Christmas with us, I am not sure exactly how things will go, but I have general ideas to share with you.

The 7:00 service will be our “family service”. It is kid friendly and so we expect noise and confusion and wonderful things! We hope to have the young people ring bells again, and they will be singing some fun songs with Pastor Matt. Please bring the kiddos to this one and help them to understand the story of Jesus’s birth.

The 9:00 service will be similar to those in the past. This is the quiet service, and its contemplative style and low lighting will help you to take a breath, and listen for God to speak to you. The theme this year was chosen by Phil. We will be talking, singing, meditating and praying about “home coming”.  If you need a time to reflect and wind down, come to church at 9:00.

The 11:00 service will be the most traditional, with choirs, bells, candles and carols.  I believe that no matter how much we like to change things up, and try new and different things, there is something very special and comforting about tradition.  And it’s a heart-warming moment, when the service ends, and the clock strikes ‘midnight, to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Whichever service you choose to attend, we hope you will be blessed with the peace, hope, joy and love that Christmas brings.

Merry Christmas from Lynn, Phil, Julie and the choirs!

What if I knew… (Auntie’s letter to Santa)

…Sometimes a moment can seem a lifetime---

…A lifetime but moments---
What is the darkness without light,
As if darkness defines my sight?!
As if the clock defines time,
& time but a digit in motion---
as if Santa Claus but a notion---
as if the Heart but a passing;
My lifetime re-amassing?
My memory talks of moments;
As though forgetting negates them…
What if I forgot your name---
Not remembering your face:
Is my world but have or have nots?
(what of God’s grace
& my love’s fine satin-lace)
What if Song’s lyrics sing my Voice---
Or my Heart’s hand your Solemn Vow’s
What if I smiled, Cause I felt you near,
& shook your hand, to forget my fear!
What if the moments really matter,
Even though my mind a clatter;
(my thoughts but chatter)---
Do you know your love still touches me inside,
As if we still can confide?
Don’t want me to be your memories past---
As though my love you cast?
As though our lifetime a Maybe moment,
& God’s innocence but a baby love-sent?
My Christmas Claus:
When you hold my hand it’s then you hold my heart---
& time shan’t ever define the memories “we” impart!...

Merry Christmas 2021
Love, Timmiegee



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