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Summer Singin’

In the months of summer, I call upon church folk other friends that are willing to share their gift of music.  With the exception of a few dates, I believe the Sundays are pretty much filled. 

June 6:  Graduation Sunday. Debbie B. shared two very appropriate songs, “The Potters Hand” and “Be Strong in the Lord”, both positive messages not just to the graduates, but for all who heard.

June 13:  Ben and Phil were kind enough to be the special music so I could have the Sunday off.

June 20:  Father’s Day. I asked my son Scott to sing.  Since I am writing this on June 14, I am hoping that it happened!

June 27:  Our dear friend Tess D. is coming back to worship with us and share a few songs.

July 4:  I have nobody scheduled as of now, and I may just ask YOU the congregation to lift your voices in Patriotic songs of God and Country as we celebrate our independence.

July 11:  Tommy T. has agreed to join us for the morning with his songs of praise.

July 18 and 25:  Not yet scheduled, but I am hoping to get Mark L. and Jodi D., who both have agreed to sing.  I always have Rubbie G. join us, but he is not able to this year due to health issues. Please keep him in your prayers.

August 1:  We will be blessed with brothers, Christian and Tyler G.  I have not heard them together and look forward to this special treat!

August 8:  Camp Sunday. hopefully filled with campers sharing some of their stories and favorite songs. 

August 15:  We are having a new duo, Joanie K. and Julie H.  We are currently searching for a duet; if you have any suggestions!  Give me a call!!

August 22:  My next door neighbor Jennifer H. (who can run, but not hide!) said yes to singing for us.  She is the music director at Central Highlands so she has to sneak away! (not really)

August 29:  A friend from Community Chorus, Barb H., will be singing.  She also is very involved musically at her church each Sunday, but I manage to convince her to take off one day at the end of August every year!

I have not scheduled anyone yet for Sept 5… any takers out there??!!

As you can see, we have a great line up to get us through the summer as we worship outside. I am not quite sure when the choir will start up, but things are looking good as the world opens up. We’ll keep you posted!





We think at points
This will never end---
I wish things could change---
& then COVID 19 hit!
I often wondered,
When would I retire
from playing the retirement homes?!
It all happened at once,
& I had no way of reckoning;
making a choice---
But we learn to adjust…
Because of the pandemic
I decided to make CDs
Of my music programs---
My favorite spot:
The Memory Unit!
Me & Jill---(she’s in charge of the unit)
Struck up a friendship
writing back and forth:
I told her---
This was like something out of a
Hallmark movie!
Finally---“in person music”
Like the “first day of school”
It seemed something new:
New faces---old faces;
Nancy---one of my favorites---
She walked up to the keyboard,
I started playing her favorite: 
Satin Doll---
“I knew we would meet again”.
God is Faithful…



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