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Welcome to
Mt. Vernon Community Presbyterian Church



Given through May

  $ 10,960.00

Needed to meet 10% tithe

$ 32,436.00

Current giving level

Same as last month


Spotlight on Missions

Let’s Do the Numbers

$18,921 - The amount of money we needed to raise through July to be on track to tithe 10%

$10,960 - The amount of money we’ve actually raised through the month of July for Missions

5.8%       - Our current giving percentage

The numbers tell us that we raised only a little more than half of what we need to pay our Missions commitments.

We need your help!  Please consider INCREASING your mission giving.  You don’t need to wait until mission Sunday to give.  When you give a contribution, please add 10% of that contribution and designate it for missions.  The following organizations will appreciate it:

Camp Crestfield

Meals on Wheels

AGWM Asia Pacific, Thailand (Barners)

EF Project

Elizabeth’s Guardian Angels

Mission Aviation Fellowship (DiCrastos)

Compassion International

Sram Ashram (Clement)

Wycliffe Bible Translators (Harrars)

Better Together Ministries (Hodaks)

The vision of Mount Vernon Community Presbyterian Church missions is to introduce the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to our community and around the world by providing financial commitment, prayerful support and personal participation

Once services resume, the third Sunday of each month we will take an offering of your loose change that will go toward supporting missions.  Empty those change purses!!



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