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Spotlight on Missions

(Authored by Ben L.)
For those who have never had the glorious opportunity to join us for a week at Camp Crestfield, you are missing out!  I have been attending Crestfield every Summer for more than 20 years and still look forward to it every time!  Camp Crestfield is a Christian camp in Slippery Rock, PA and we take a group of 40 or so young people between grades 3 and 8 in August every year.  This trip has been a partnered effort between Mt. Vernon Church and Round Hill Church for many years and has changed the lives of young people in our community.  I know you have heard this over the years, but many people meet Christ and invite Him into their hearts at retreats or sleep-away camps.  It is not as common for it to happen in church on a Sunday morning.  These are extremely important times to teach young people what it really means to be a Christ follower and to do it in a setting that exemplifies God’s creation and the gifts of fun and laughter.

My personal story and life were changed by my time at these weeks and at that camp.  It was at Crestfield, 12 years ago, that I first felt the call to youth ministry.  I was out in a field on our last campfire on a Friday night.  We give the students 10 minutes to go out into the field, on their own, and reflect on where they saw God that week and to pray.  I had been struggling to find my way for a number of years.  I was living in East Liberty and working in the kitchen at Magee.  As I sat there in the field, I looked up at the stars and said “God, what do you want me to do with my life?”  For the first time, in my memory, I heard an audible response, “There is no one doing ministry for middle school kids in your hometown.” I walked away from my 10 minutes with extremely important questions and when I asked around, I learned that Mt. Vernon’s session had just approved the opening of a middle school youth coordinator position the week before.  I applied and the rest is history.  I am not the only one with stories like this from their time at Crestfield.  Talk to those young people who have gone with us for years.  Let them tell their stories of how God has changed their lives through camp.

Thank you so much for your continued support of this ministry and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have about Crestfield.

(Authored by Lynn J.)
Meals on Wheels of Elizabeth Forward (MoW of EF) operates as an independent outreach mission of Central Highlands Community United Methodist Church; and as such, it is covered under the umbrella of the church’s non-profit certification.

The mission of MoW of EF is to provide services that enable people to maintain independent living with safety and dignity.  Our primary mission is to provide one hot, nutritious, and well-balanced meal per weekday to our homebound and limited mobility clients.  That meal is supplemented with additional items such as, a sandwich, apple sauce or mixed fruit, juice, cereal, small salad, and dessert.  In addition, each client receives a quart of milk at the beginning of each week.  Also, we take into consideration diabetic requirements.  Since we are an independent entity, there are no age or financial requirements for becoming a client of MoW of EF.  People can sign up for a meal every day of the week, or selected days. It can be long term, or perhaps temporary as in after surgery or a hospital stay.

A further mission is to respond to the needs and concerns of our clients, as perceived by those who deliver meals, through the daily friendly face-to-face contact clients receive when the volunteer delivers the meal.  That weekday meal delivery provides a means to serve as a "safety check" to help to alleviate isolation and loneliness and provides social interaction, giving peace of mind to clients and their families.

We serve individuals living within a service area consisting of Elizabeth Township, Elizabeth Borough, Forward Township, West Elizabeth, Floreffe, Elrama, and limited portions of Jefferson Hills.  Currently, we have between 70 and 75 clients.

Everyone affiliated with the Meals on Wheels of Elizabeth Forward program shares pride in the mission, vision, and values of the Meals on Wheels program.  Our volunteers often exclaim that the clients are like family and friends.  We get to know about them, their family, their past, their pets... well you get the picture!

Our aim is to provide nutritional food for our clients at a cost affordable to them.  The current cost is $4 per day. Our chancel choir, and other people have participated in “adopt a senior” by simply donating cash to the program to help those who could not afford the meals otherwise.

In addition to client contributions and community donations, our organization is supported by financial donations from area churches and other organizations. The Meals on Wheels of Elizabeth Forward program does not receive any public tax dollars for funding and depends solely upon the community for donations to supplement the operations of the program.

If you have a heart to serve, and have a few hours even one day a week, please consider volunteering for this program.  Drivers and “runners” (We don’t run! We deliver to the door!) are needed, or you would like to help in the kitchen packing bags or plating the hot meals, can call the church office.  You can also talk to Lynn J., Paulette S., or Ed and Barb O.  We are always in need of volunteers and subs.  Paulette and I love our route and the folks.  My grand-daughter Anna used to go with us to deliver in the summer, and when she went back to school, she asked me, “how are my people?”

Also, if you know anyone who would benefit from this service, please reach out to any of the names listed above.

Once services resume, the third Sunday of each month we will take an offering of your loose change that will go toward supporting missions.  Empty those change purses!!



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