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Mt. Vernon Community Presbyterian Church


We had 54 kids take part in the Easter Egg Hunt on March 31. The kids decorated bags for their candy, took part in a scavenger hunt, sang songs, gathered eggs, ate cookies, and many youngsters won door prizes. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated candy, eggs, cookies, gifts, and made monetary contributions. Without your generosity, the Easter Egg Hunt would not be the success it is every year. THANK YOU!

How thoughtful of you to remember me with the delicious Easter cookies!  We enjoyed them so much, and want you to know how much we appreciated your kindness.
God Bless,
Dianne K.

Dear Mt. Vernon:
Thank you so much for the cards, visits and prayers.  Thanks also to the Mt. Vernon Deacons for their encouraging visit and delicious cookies.  I am very grateful for my church family.
During a time like this one realizes how much a family and friends really mean to us… I am truly blessed.
Mark F.

Dear Deacons,
Thank you for the box of goodies.  I was really touched when Lynn dropped them off post-surgery.  I get the left leg done this Wed. but I am happy the surgeries are close together.  Recovery is a month of restrictions, but walking is encouraged to prevent blood clots. 
Happy Easter & Bless You

Friends at Mt. Vernon,
We are so thankful for your support and partnership in advancing the gospel among college students here in Tennessee!  We would not be able to be on campus without you.  Thank you for your generous gifts!
For His Glory,
Evan & Victoria Rothey

Dear Deacons,
Thank you so much for thinking of me (us) and for the delicious cookies!  Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.
Denise C. & Family

To Dorothy, Nancy, and Denise,
Thank you for being the ladies we make sure we get all the news.  It meant so much to us to receive the church bulletin each week, and the News from the Mount, while we were in Florida.  It was like getting a visit from old friends!  Thank you for finding time to send us everything.
Jack & Margot M.



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