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Mt. Vernon Community Presbyterian Church


Dear Church Family,
Thank you for your prayers and support during our journey with my mom when she resided in skilled care.  Many of you kindly inquired about her over the years.  We were always so touched by your concern for her and us.  The food, flowers, cards, notes and memorial contributions were greatly appreciated by my entire family.
We have been blessed by so many of your caring ways.
Cathy and Bernie M., Lauren, Hillary and Michael

Church friends of Mt. Vernon,
Your expressions of sympathy, beautiful cards, prayers, visits and generous acts helped to carry us through a really difficult time.  Dad will be sorely missed, but your exceptional kindness really eased the sorrow of our long goodbye.  Thank you to each one of you.
With gratitude and love,
The family of Bill S.

Dear Mount Vernon Friends,
Thank you so much for the lovely card send to our mother’s nursing facility.  Tia and I want to thank you.  We read those who signed to mom.  Although she is late dementia we still find she knows the names.  God Bless you all.
Denise & Dick W. and my sister Tia C.

To my church family,
Many thanks to all of you for calls, best wishes and concern during my recent surgery.  Hope to see all of you soon.
Patty M.



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