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Welcome to
Mt. Vernon Community Presbyterian Church


If You Have A Prayer Concern, Please E-mail It To
Rev. Little:

Please keep praying for God’s intervention for a resolution to the Covid-19 virus, for people’s health and protection, please pray for our nations’ businesses and government, along with the rest of the world. Also, keep your Pastor and church family along with your own in prayer as well.

Once again, we extend our condolences to the family of Margaret M. who passed away.

The following members and friends have recently been hospitalized:  Kathy H., Kim M., Sue S.

The following is a list of members and friends of the church who are in assisted living facilities:

  • Grandview Estates:  Audrey W.
  • Locust Grove:  Barb C.
  • Seneca Manor:  Walter L.
  • Southwestern:  Barb S.

Please remember, if you are going into the hospital or if you are having surgery as an outpatient and would like some care from either the Pastor or Deacons, please notify the church office.



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