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Occasionally children will ask me something like this: “Do you own the church?” Or, “Is this building yours?” Of course, I do not and it is not but it’s a hard concept to convey to them. I try to explain that the building belongs to everyone who shows up on Sunday morning but that is perplexing to kindergarten children. I could explain that we have official membership rolls or that the State of Pennsylvania requires that we be incorporated and that the building in some ways officially belongs to the corporation but that isn’t exactly correct. Or I could tell them that the building and everything in it is legally owned by Pittsburgh Presbytery (then try explaining what that is) even though they put no money into building it or maintaining it. So they own it but they never paid for it. But that doesn’t even make sense to me so imagine what a 5 year old would think. I have not come up with a good way to explain to them who actually owns the church… what would you say? I mean I suppose you could say that God owns it but… talk about confusing?!

Of course I’m not writing to 5 year olds. So if you are reading this I assume you are an adult. I ask you… who owns the building? Well, allow me to mention the old adage: “Ask the wrong question you get the wrong answer.” Rather than ask who owns the building how about asking “who is responsible for the building?” In the end… if you call this church your home church (whether you are officially a member or not) then you have a certain responsibility to care for it. Some have taken that task upon themselves and have done maintenance and yard work here and thank God for them. But frankly… if it has been a while since you were part of any improvements here then it has been too long! You might say, “Well I don’t know what to do or what needs done.” Sorry but “DUH!” It’s easy enough to find out who is on the Session and ask them. We’ll get you the information you’re looking for.

So this summer… how about setting aside one Saturday morning to do some work on your building. It would sure help the children to understand who this place belongs to. 

See you at your place,

-Bill Little 

May 16, 2017

  1. Approving putting together a committee to renovate the kitchen in memory
    of LuAnn C.
  2. Approved changing summer worship from June 4 through Sept. 3 at 9:00
    and 10:30 a.m.

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