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Well okay… just kidding… sort of.  Each of us reading this has known about Sunday School since we were born.  But did you know that Sunday School is a fairly recent phenomenon?  “Recent” as history goes anyway. 

“Sunday schools in England were first set up in the 1780s to provide education to working children. William King first started a Sunday School in Dursley, Gloucestershire, and suggested to his friend, Robert Raike, that he start a similar school in Gloucester, resulting in Raikes being generally quoted as starting the schools as he was editor of the Gloucester Journal and wrote an article in his Journal resulting in many clergymen supporting it. It aimed to teach the youngsters reading, writing and cyphering and a knowledge of the Bible. By 1785, 250,000 English children were attending Sunday School.”

Naturally we have gone through many manifestation since then.  Sunday School no longer exists to educate “working children” for sure.  And adults have even gotten in on the act over the years.  But not too much anymore I’m afraid.  And that’s why I am writing this.

Beginning September 10th at 9:00 am we are going to try something a little different…  “intergenerational Sunday School.” That means we will have one class for everyone… adults, children, parents, grandparents, singles, married…  How will that work?  I have no idea.  We have a curriculum and it has been done other places so we’ll see. 

Maybe it has been a while since you have attended Sunday School.  Why not give it a try?  Bring your children and grandchildren if you got ‘em.  Imagine learning about Jesus together!  Honesty… what better thing do you have to do?   

September 3 marks the end of our summer worship services.  We will be starting Sunday School at 9:00 a.m. with worship following at 10:00 a.m. on September 10.

If you would like to be notified via email when a church member or a close relative of a member (parent, child, or sibling) passes please call the church office.  We promise we will not give your email address to anyone, nor will we abuse it.

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