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By the time most folks read this; Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter will have passed for 2019.  They will fall into a category in our brains of “previous events that we sort of remember but we can’t distinguish from other similar events any longer”… know what I mean?  Ellen and I have the following conversations more regularly than I would like to acknowledge: “When did ________ happen?”  “Was it before or after _______?”  Do you remember the person we used to know who did_______?  What was their name?”  It’s on these occasions that I regret not keeping a log over the years.  Not a diary recording all of my intimate thoughts but just a basic record of where we went, when we went and what we did.  The ordering of events in my life is beginning to fade from my memory.  It’s all a bit disconcerting.

On another level it’s okay to not remember all the intimate details but there are surely some basic events that we must recall.  We don’t have to remember what dress or tie we wore on any given Easter… but we NEED TO REMEMBER Easter.  We need to remember and pass along to our children and to their children the significance of Holy Week.  They MUST have some understanding that it is important to us to recall that at a time and place in history the Son of God willingly went to a cross for us.  Take a moment to think of the life of your children or grandchildren without Easter!  Living their lives just for themselves.  Doing all they do just for their own gratification.  No God, no Jesus, no faith.  Frankly it’s a bit horrifying.  And yet most children in our country and specifically in our community will not be in church this week… no matter what week it is. 

It is the responsibility of parents to implant thoughts into the minds of their kids.  What do your kids know about Easter?  How about your grandchildren? 

I hope to see you all on Sunday.

-Bill Little

Beginning Sunday, May 26, there will be a 9 a.m. and a 10:30 a.m. worship service.  The 9 a.m. service will be a more contemporary service outdoors (weather permitting) with a relaxed atmosphere.  Bring your coffee, chair and comfortable shoes.  This service is held on the lawn near the sundial to the left of the sanctuary entrance. It will last for 45 minutes to accommodate the changeover in parking.  The 10:30 a.m. service will be in the sanctuary and will last until 11:30 a.m. 

If you would like to be notified via email when a church member or a close relative of a member (parent, child, or sibling) passes please email the church office at We promise we will not give your email address to anyone, nor will we abuse it. 

you are not on the list for important messages from the church, please provide your name and phone number in the offering plate and we will add you to that service.

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