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I’ve been asked on a number of occasions if we have a regular evening adult Bible Study.  The answer is: sort of.

Frankly it’s difficult in this day and age to ask folks to commit to something every week… forever.  So, what we have done is to periodically provide 6-8 week studies.  In the Fall, we did a “driving tour” of Israel… it was GREAT.  The next one begins on March 13th the Wednesday after Ash Wednesday.  We will meet for 5 weeks to study how some Christian churches are different from others.  A by-product of this study is that we will learn about our faith and how it has progressed in the past several centuries. 

The methodology is as such:  We have invited several folks to come on successive Wednesdays and present some information about the Christian Denomination that they are familiar with.  We will hear a bit of history, theology and polity. (Look it up.)  We will also compare their information to our information.  The schedule will look like this:

  • March 13 Quakerism
  • March 20 Assembly of God
  • March 27 Lutheranism
  • April 3     Methodism
  • April 10   Catholicism

Seriously, have you even wondered what differentiates Presbyterianism from other churches?  Are you aware that there are 7-8 totally different Presbyterian denominations?  All of them distinct from one another. 

Well, if you want to know some of the differences then be here at 7:00 p.m. on the evenings mentioned above. 

See you then,

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