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Welcome to
Mt. Vernon Community Presbyterian Church


It was announced in church on April 7, that Phil H. has been hired as the choir director.  He is no longer an interim, but the real deal.  The choir is pleased to have Phil as part of the team!  I decided to do an interview with Phil so that we all could get to know him a bit better.  Here is what I learned this evening…

Phil was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and moved to the state of New York when he was 6 years old.  He has a brother, Robert, and a sister, Christie.  When Phil was a young boy, his mother would be annoyed because he would be “tapping” all the time (I understand that since I raised 2 drummers myself!)  When Phil was in 4th grade, they were permitted to play an instrument.  He wanted to play the tuba, but found that the drums were not quite as expensive, so he chose to continue “tapping”!  Phil’s father is a music minister, and his sister plays the flute and oboe.  He said Robert played he trumpet for a while, and now he plays the radio.

Growing up, Phil attended both Prattsburgh Baptist Church, and Mitchellsville United Methodist Church.  His high school, Prattsburgh Central, was very small, with a graduating class of 27!  He began his college career at Roberts Wesleyan in Rochester for Music Ed, but later changed to Waynesburg to study sports broadcasting.  While he was there, he would sneak away to do music, and eventually followed his heart and changed to Music Ministry, which is what he has his degree in.

While he was at Waynesburg, he met Ben, who invited him to come back this way.  Ben was instrumental in helping Phil land a job at the Greenock Deli.  I asked Phil where he learned to cook, and he told me his Grandmother spent a week with him, teaching him all sorts of recipes and dishes to make.  He likes to make (and eat) Chicken Spledies, which is a New York dish, and also he enjoys a good “Garbage Plate”….also a New York thing.  You will have to ask him about those.

I asked Phil what his dream job was after graduating and he said he wanted to be a choir director.  When asked what he sees for the future of our choir, the music program and the church in general, he would like to see growth, help to build a worship community and increase the worship atmosphere.  Phil has goals and a positive outlook for his job, and for the people of Mt Vernon.  We are so blessed to have him as one of our own.

Welcome Phil.

By the way, usually each week at choir, we ask Phil one question about himself.  This has become known as “Fun Phil Fact.  IF you would like to hear more about this interesting young man, you can join us for choir and hear it first hand!!!

Blessings until next time,


Something Special---(a step back in time)
(somedays you don't see it coming)
It’s Tuesday before Easter & I’m Playin’ for the folks…I start right-in---
Everyone’s singin’---dancin’---tappin’ toes.
The energy is everywhere…even Jill---
Bounces to the music as she cleans-up from lunch.
As I’m playin’---I think---this is
A special time (a step back)---it’s community time---
We’re all from the area & we’re enjoying
Each other’s company.
Todays life is all about
Technology---being a “rock star”! being
“the voice”---what happened to hangin’ out in
the parlor & enjoying friendship/family & music…
Easter is Sunday, but Mother’s Day is in the air.
I finish my program shaking hands w/hugs & Easter greetings. As I make my way back to
the keyboard---I turn and tell the folks---
“You made my day”! My Aunts-Uncles & Parents have all passed…but I still have you guys!
I tell Nancy how my mom would play & people in the neighborhood would gather ‘round the door and listen---
That my mom taught me to play piano---
She says---“You must think of her every time you play---
We’ll say a prayer for her”. (What a special thought!)
I’m getting ready to leave---one of the folks
Visiting tells me---we really had a good time---
“You are so personable”!  AWE!
That was my mom’s calling-card “Personality-Plus”!
(no more touching of a compliment than that) ---
my mom’s love still follows me everywhere I go----
oh yeah. Something special!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!



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