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There's within my heart a melody when I think of gardening. and I love to tell the story about my gardening days during the summer months. Instead of being out in the highways and byways of life, there is a place of quiet rest… my faith has found a resting place, as I come to the garden alone. I feel like there is sunshine in my soul today! It is truly my sanctuary, where I can have a sweet hour of prayer and find peace, perfect peace.  As I visit the plants, I think, what a fellowship, what a joy divine! Most of the summer days, I feel as if I am walking in sunlight, all of my journey. And even in the days of little rain, I tell myself, be not dismayed, whate’er the tide, God will take care of you! Ah, but when it rains, it is like a river glorious. Lord, I hear showers of blessing! I am so thankful for God, who touches earth with beauty. After all, He's got the whole world in His hands! Perhaps, knowing I have only one life to offer, I work hard to protect my plants from every stormy wind that blows. But I know its not what these hands have done, but God, for even in the stars, His handy work I see. Oh, how great Thou art!

Is your burden heavy? Try day by day and with each passing moment to count your blessings. Oh what a wonderful, wonderful day!

Deep in my heart, there's a gladness, and I am thankful for all the blessings of the year,


How many hymns did you find?



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