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So I woke up this morning, Monday May 14, realizing the newsletter is due tomorrow.  I wasn't sure what to write, but I had this dream that I cannot shake, nor do I want to.  I had a dream about my husband (who passed away almost 17 years ago) hugging me.  It felt so very real, I was elated to see him, and I could actually feel it… did you ever have a dream, that felt so real, and was so wonderful, that you didn't want to wake up?  Well that was mine.  And instead of being saddened, I felt so loved and comforted to realize that his love felt the same, it had not changed.  And it inspired me for this thought… We are all comforted knowing that someone loves us and that love will not change, no matter what.  Like Rev. Little often says,  “They love us, in spite of who we are.”  And it got me thinking about how Christians can feel secure in God’s love, a love that does not change.  I looked up a song by Dick and Melody Tunney that expresses this fact.

God’s Love Never Changes
All the world is longing to know security.
All the world is listening, trying to hear words they can believe.
But there is only one voice calling us by name,
One truth we can hold onto, forever He remains the same.
Oh I want you to know that
God’s love never changes. His love never fails.
When the world is shaken, we can put our faith in,
knowing that His love will never change.
Never separated, never far away
God alone is faithful through his love with the price he paid.
I want you to hear that
God’s love never changes
His love never fails
When the world is shaken we can put our faith in,
knowing that His love will never change.

James 1:17 Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

Feeling blessed for all the hugs I receive!




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