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Happy New Year 2019!

It starts all over again… how quickly the year passes!  I always get inspired at the beginning of a new year, and look forward to a fresh season of music to help lead worship.  In November, we tried to add to the 4th Sunday, which is normally our “Youth Sunday”.  Rev. Little usually will sing a song with the younger kids, and they help take the offering, pass out bulletins and act as pulpit assistant.  This November, Rev. Little and I stepped aside, as Ben, Phil, Karl and Maddie led the congregation in the opening songs.  It was a great feeling to see the younger generation in charge!  We want to see more of that, and more youth involved.  Each month on the 4th Sunday, we hope to have this occur.  But to do that, we need your kids!!!  Please talk with them and ask them to see Rev Little, Ben, Phil or Lynn, to see how they can be a part of each of these Sundays.  If they don't come to us, we most likely will come hunting them!  They are the future of our church, and of our community!  Let’s encourage them to take an active part in worship!

Speaking of the youth, one of our choir members, Maddie Y., has been cast in the lead role of Mama Mia at EF High School.  Watch for further news on that.  And she also has been accepted at Pitt University!!!  We are very proud of her and wish her an amazing senior year!  And other choir news, our very own “young at heart” Ron B, is recovering from double knee surgery, and we anxiously await his return to the bass section!  We have been keeping Ron and his private nurse Carolyn in our prayers.  By the time you read this, Bill and Paulette Smart will be enjoying warmer weather in their Florida home.  We will miss them but we know they are making wonderful memories with their grandchildren.  And so, ‘til next month…

Blessings in 2019!



No Room at the Inn

& even at the apex of their reality they wanted to give away their love to
& for their offspring
Their “children” --- the children of their “children”…
After I was through playing my Christmas program,
I was walking around the room
Greeting & shaking hands with the residents:
I approached one woman in a wheel chair (her name escapes me)
I reached to give her a hug
& thank her (them) for all the special holidays
her generation had bestowed upon us over the years---
She could have been just another face in the crowd
(Like Mary & Joseph in search for a room at the inn)
but to me,
she was the face of (the reflection of)
my Aunts, my Grandma,
& even more so-so personal;
my mom---who gave me my gift of music---
& so I thanked her
(her generation)
for their love of special times---Special  Holidays---
& I told her
I want to give back to you (them)
What you (they) gave to us
& without hesitation or pause the love from her voice twinkled back
(like the star of Bethlehem guiding the wise men)
“No honey, give it to the children, ‘your kids’.”
I walked away---(humbled, almost embarrassed)
& I couldn't shake this feeling,
for many times I put myself in front
thinking of my cause/ my generation---
& I thought---
at the height of our applause---
God shall humble our voice…
(like the baby Jesus, born in the stable)

Merry Christmas 2018



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