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Another New Season

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Our choir has been under the direction of several directors over the past few years. I feel like it wasn't too long ago, I said a tearful good-bye to Debbie B., and at the same time welcomed Tess D. with open arms and a grateful heart. And within only a few short years, we had to say good-bye to my dear friend Tess, and welcome in Phil H! We have been blessed to have choir directors ready to jump right in and lead us in worship through song.

Phil  is younger than most of us in the choir, and brings with him new and fresh ideas. He went to college to become a music minister, and we are so pleased that Mt. Vernon Church is here to allow him to share his gift. Phil may be young, but he loves the old hymns, and appreciates classical sounds. Phil is also a percussionist, and has a love for the upbeat songs as well. He focuses on the words and the message, and tries to plan ahead to make sure the choir is well rehearsed and confident in their music. Phil runs the rehearsals with an efficient confidence, but also with a lot of laughter and fun. He also offers a heartfelt prayer at the end of each rehearsal.

Phil has a desire to build the choir up to at least 20 members or more. This is where YOU come in! If you have thought about singing, now is a good time to hop on the choir wagon. We rehearse Sunday mornings at 9, and also one Wednesday evening each month. You can talk with Phil, myself, or any choir member to find out more information. We would love to have you sing with us.

I appreciated Debbie and her energy---I appreciated Tess and her prayerful approach to music ministry. I loved working with both of these women, and miss them. But it is now a new season for Phil to spread his wings and soar with his passion and calling.

Mt Vernon is truly blessed to have experienced these choir directors and all they have to offer. Thank you, Debbie and Tess, and welcome, Phil!

Blessings, Lynn J.

Many of you know Tim G., known around here as "Timmiegee".  He spends four or more days each month playing piano at nursing homes around the area.  Tim has gotten to know and love the people that he plays for, and he started writing about some of his experiences.  I believe these stories will touch your hearts as you see that he truly has a passion for his music ministry and the dear people who are living out their final days in the nursing homes.

The True Spirit of Christmas by Timmiegee

It’s been years since my mom passed---To me: She was “The True Spirit of Christmas.” It is a dream come true to know a person who loves beyond the everyday; one who is willing to sacrifice, to lay down their life for your happiness! I want to say, it is simple, yet in retrospect, it is so much more! (To say the least) Christmas has never been the same to me, until God put this calling on my heart; to be the voice of my folks, to be a voice for a most articulate people who are now unable to verbalize their Love for Life in a culture that desperately needs their viewpoint: their immortal point of view!

We’re living a virtual reality, where fame fortune commands our attention! We’ve lost our intimacy; a place where human touch can heal all! So today, as I play for “the Golden Age of America”; the voice that treasured family & friendship, I wish to illuminate their pursuit from my heart, I say, it’s not the exact message that brings about The Miracle of Christmas, instead---it’s that we take the time to be the voice & legs for those unable to reach for themselves---if we don’t wish Christmas every day---then their Christmas spirit has never truly captured our hearts.



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