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Total Given for the Year

 $ 4,849.00

Given in April

$ 1,287.50

Change for Missions

$ 0.00

Specified Missions

$ 75.00

Needed for the Year

$ 23,900.00






When it comes to our youth, it’s important to give them as many opportunities as possible to hear the Good News and grow in their faith. Those opportunities can include various camps, retreats and other Christian events. EF Youth Ministries can help support those activities — and our youth who want to attend.

In April, a group of 13 volunteers from Mt. Vernon Church gave up a weekend to work on three homes in the Elizabeth Forward area. The projects involved a variety of work: one was repairing a kitchen ceiling, another was painting around windows and a railing, and another involved doing yard work. The homeowners were humbled that people were willing to do the work for them - work they are physically unable to do themselves. Lunch was provided by someone who was unable to participate during the weekend and Joyce M. graciously provided dinner for the volunteers; one of the homeowners joined us for the meal.

The goal of EF Project is to care for and love our community “one soul at a time.” We have done two weekends and have served three homeowners (we've served one homeowner twice). We want to do this outreach each year in the spring and fall. If you know someone who needs something done around their home and are financially and/or physically unable to do the work, contact Carol F. to be considered for our next weekend.

To raise money for EF Project's fall weekend, there will be a Chinese auction during the Strawberry Festival with all proceeds going to the outreach. If you'd like to donate a basket, contact Carol F.

On the third Sunday of each month we will take an offering of your loose change that will go toward supporting missions. Empty those change purses!



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