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Given for the Year

  $ 4,537.50

Given in April

$ 656.50

Needed for the Year

$ 23,500.00






JUNE - Twin Rivers Outreach
New this year, is a high school program ministered by Ben Little which replaces Young Life.  They meet on Monday evenings during the school year at the Elizabeth Township Community Center.  The meetings are attended by students from all over the area and continues to grow as students are attending from 5 different school districts.

The group reaches out to high school students in every way possible and talking to them about Jesus Christ.  It was present this year at a musical on multiple evenings of its run, and the schedule includes graduation parties this summer.

A concert is scheduled for September 22, 2018 at the Blaine Hill Fire Hall to extend the group’s outreach and get the word out asking for their support in anyway.  More information on the concert will be made available when the bands are lined up.

Recently Ben met with Bethesda Presbyterian and they have committed to running an annual golf outing to raise money for the group.  The first golf outing is scheduled to start in 2019.  Ben will have more information on this event as details are finalized.  He also met with a group in Elizabeth to discuss ways the organization can get involved in the area to continue to develop a support base to extend the group’s reach.

For additional information on Twin Rivers Outreach contact our “Youth Guy” Ben Little at or catch him Sunday mornings.

JULY -  Pittsburgh Project
The Pittsburgh Project is a Christian nonprofit community development organization that has been developing servant leaders and helping vulnerable homeowners maintain their dignity for 33 years.

There is a year-round staff of 31 (15 full-time; 16 part-time), plus a summer staff of more than 70. They run a progressive series of after-school and summer programs for more than 250 urban young people, deploys more than 1,500 people each year to do free home repairs for more than 130 of Pittsburgh’s elderly homeowners, and provides recreation space by maintaining Fowler Park and operating Fowler pool.

Pittsburgh Project’s vision is that the city will be called a City of Truth, where senior men and women can once again sit along the streets and city streets are filled with children playing.

There are week-long opportunities to help owners as well as weekend opportunities geared to students and families.

On the third Sunday of each month we will take an offering of your loose change that will go toward supporting missions.  Empty those change purses!



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