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Given for the Year 2019

  $ 1,882.50

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$ 1,882.50

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$ 23,500.00






Sram Ashram
Dr. Clement Kuchipudi and his wife Sathya represent the United Sram Ashrams (Sram Ashram or the Ashram) in India. Their ministry equips untrained pastors to make a difference in the rural and urban communities in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Sram is the Hindu equivalent of a seminary education but informal in its style. Sram means labor, implying that in this Ashram they need to work hard. Ashram is Hindu in its form, but Christian in its contents.

 The missions and churches in India are committed to Vision 20-20, a vision being fulfilled through the laity. They establish small home groups and as the groups grow, the lay leaders become their pastors. However, these pastors tend to be not very prepared when it comes to explaining Scripture, resulting in many of the new believers returning to their old ways.

It is those pastors the Ashram helps by providing them training in 24 different subjects; developing leadership by conducting Community Bible Study centers where they study the Bible in groups; offering music and computer skills; facilitating the education for their children; translating; publishing biblical and theological tools not available in the local language; and lending finances to construct church buildings. Sometimes free medical camps are set up and seminars are offered on counseling, caste issues, legal issues, and other subjects.

After graduating from college in 1965, Clement worked with the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in Indian where he led Bible studies for college students. He did his theological studies and got his master of divinity in 1975, the same year he and Sathya got married. He came to the United States in 1988 to attend TEDS in Deerfield, IL, where he got a Th.M. in New Testament studies. It was during that time he was called to what is now the Ashram ministry so he studied teaching and received his Ph.D. in 1994. During that time, Clement ministered in an Indian congregation and taught in an English-speaking congregation. After his ordination, Clement and Sathya returned to India in 1995 and have been involved with the ministry of the Sram Ashram ever since.

On the third Sunday of each month we will take an offering of your loose change that will go toward supporting missions.  Empty those change purses!



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