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Every Sunday morning an elder is in the prayer room during worship praying for our church and those in worship.  If you have any special prayer concerns you can leave them on the table in the prayer room.  Please be discreet about your concerns.


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The Chancel aides for the month of April are Carolyn S. and Joan K.

The deadline for the May “News From the Mount” is April 15.  Anyone needing to put an article in the newsletter for the month of April must turn the article in to the office no later than Sunday evening, April 15.

Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and closed on Fridays.

Bright Evening Star: Mystery of the Incarnation
by Madeleine L’Engle

     When books are made into movies, do you like to read the book and see the movie, or just one or the other?  If you both read the book and see the movie, which do you do first?  Being a book person, I usually want to read the book first.  I know someone who chooses to see the movie first so she can enjoy the movie for what it is, and then she’ll read the book.  There is something to be said for that approach, as I am often disappointed in how the book is portrayed.  The movie makers add scenes or themes that aren’t in the book and that I don’t think should be added.  Or they leave out something I think is crucial.

     On March 9th, a new movie version of Madeleine L’Engle’s book A Wrinkle in Time was released.  The book, a science fiction story, was first published in 1962.  It depicts the age-old battle between good and evil and involves a disappearing father and his rescue, the need to then rescue the protagonist’s brother and moving through something called a “tesseract” or wrinkling of time, what we today might call a wormhole or space warp.  It should be interesting to see how this movie compares to the book.

     I decided to read one of the author’s non-fiction books before the film came out, just to get a feel for Ms. L’Engle and her writing.  She wrote over 60 books, some fiction, some poetry and some non-fiction.  The one I read, called Bright Evening Star, felt almost like a diary or journal.  It was full of her thoughts, reactions, and responses to Bible stories.  Though it was beautifully written (and made me long to be able to express myself so eloquently), it also had a definite liberal tone.

     The author believed that God is not omnipotent, though this lack of omnipotence is because He gave up some of His power so that we might have free will.  At one point she even made the statement that “Love is God.”  I firmly believe that “God is love,” but that does not mean that “love is God.”  Love does not, in my view, rule the universe; God does.  She also believed that a loving God could never allow anyone to go to hell.  She seemed to forget that just as parents who love their children will discipline them, God will discipline his children.  Love and discipline are not incompatible.

     I enjoyed this book, though I recommend reading it as one might read poetry, with a sense of wonder at the beauty of the language and the imagery, but with skepticism toward the theology.

Review by Ellen L.

If you borrow tables or chairs from the church, remember, please make your request through the Fellowship Committee call the office at 412 751-8479.

If you are interested in contributing to the Newsletter with an article for publication please submit your notes to the office.  Since this is a “forum”, there might be some give and take if folks are interested.  Also, good Christian book reports are greatly welcomed.  The deadline is the 15th of the month except for December when it is the 10th.

If you are moving to a new address, please notify the church office as early as possible.  When we receive a newsletter back from the post office, we are assessed a fee of $.61.  Thank you for your consideration and assistance.

Even though you may be on vacation – the church is not.  We still must pay utilities, insurance and etc.  Food Bank items may be deposited in the box in the Narthex or at the lower parking lot entrance.  Paper products are especially welcome.  Continue to visit the Abitibi bin with your recyclable papers.



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