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Every Sunday morning an elder is in the prayer room during worship praying for our church and those in worship.  If you have any special prayer concerns you can leave them on the table in the prayer room.  Please be discreet about your concerns.


Through January 2019


$ 23,268.80


$ 23,128.22


$ 140.58






The per capita apportionment for 2019 is $33.05 per member.


  1. Tyler B. will refurbish the ABC Preschool playground for his Eagle Scout program and Elder Dan K. will oversee the project/budget.
  2. The 2018 Statistical Report was approved.
  3. Accepted the resignation of Christine B. as an ABC Preschool teacher effective in May.
  4. Approved EF Project for May 3-5.
  5. Approved Dan K. as chairman of the corporation and Jim B. as treasurer of the corporation.

Due to the passing of the tax representative, AARP tax services are no longer available at the church.  A list of several other locations offering this service is available outside the office, on the door to the lower parking lot and on the bulletin board in the Narthex.  Additional locations are available on the AARP website.

The Chancel aides for the month of March is Carolyn S. and Joan K.

How often have I heard someone say that Jesus is everything to them? I have even sung a song where the words were “… You are my all in all.” But what does this really mean? Have you ever thought about it?
What is God’s name?  I AM… Yes He is the great I AM!  (Exodus 3:14  God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’”)
As I was preparing a song to sing (some day soon) in church, I was given another Light Bulb moment that expresses this truth about God being our all in all.
Being everything to me.  That song is  “ I AM”.
Think about it as I share with you the words to this song:

    “I am the maker of the heavens
    I am the bright and morning star
    I am the breath of all creation
    Who always was
    And is to come”

He is my all in all when He says that He is the maker of the heavens because without His creativeness we would not be. We would not see and experience this life at all. He has made all of the stars, suns and moons in the sky. Yes He is the breath of all creation. He himself is the bright and morning star. When we ask who is, He answers I AM. He tells us He always was in existence before all of the creation and He is still waiting to come back to earth to gather His own. When we question, where God is in all of our sorrows and distress, He reminds us of His great power. He is the source of all the good that we find hard to believe in during those times of testing and trials. We need to trust the Great I AM because He is able to do exceedingly above all we can fathom

    “I Am the one who walked on water
    I Am the one who calmed the seas
    I Am the miracles and wonders”

He encourages us to

    “Come and see
    And follow me
    You will know”

What or who will we know?
We will come to know the Great I AM.

    “I Am the fount of living water
    The risen son of man
    The healer of the broken
    And when you cry,
    I Am your savior and redeemer
    Who bore the sins of man”

He is all of this to us and more. He says to us when we cry, He will heal us, He will save us, He bore all of our sins, in fact He became sin for us.
Why????  Because He is

    “The author and perfecter
    Beginning and the end
    I am”

Yes I AM is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the author of it all and He will make it all perfect in the end. It’s all about Jesus.
Jesus said I will not leave you, but my spirit will live inside of you. Yes The spirit of the Great I AM.
He says that He is the word upon our hearts. Remember when John wrote: “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God”?
And Jesus said  “the words I speak to you are life” and “ man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”

    “I Am the spirit deep inside you
    I Am the word upon your heart
    I Am the one who even knew you”

He knit me together in my mother’s womb. Before I even speak a word, He knows what I will say.

    “Before your birth
    Before you were
    Before the earth (I am)
    The universe (I am)
    In every heart (I am)
    Oh, where you are (I am)
    The lord of love (I am)
    The king of kings (I am)
    The holy lamb (I am)
    Above all things”

So then who is my all in all? Who can meet all of my needs before I even come to Him? Who can I trust to always be there with me through thick and thin? Who will always love me unconditionally? Who knows me better than anyone?
Who paid the penalty for my sin? Who will answer my hearts cry for freedom and healing and deliverance? Who declares His greatness above all others?

    “Yes, I am almighty God your father
    The risen son of man
    The healer of the broken
    And when you cry,
    I am your savior and redeemer
    Who bore the sins of man
    The author and perfecter
    Beginning and the end -
           I Am”

Oh, God in heaven cause me to realize more and more each day the greatness of all that You are. Help me to appreciate all of Your attributes and give thanks to You for all that You have done in my life and all that You are and ever will be in my life. Heavenly father, grant me greater understanding and knowledge of You, the Great I AM.
Submitted by Mark L.

The deadline for the May “News From the Mount” is March 15.  Anyone needing to put an article in the newsletter for the month of May must turn the article in to the office no later than Friday, March 15.

Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and closed on Fridays.

Stronger than You Think: Becoming Whole Without Having To Be Perfect
by Kim Gaines Eckert

Kim Gaines Eckert is a licensed clinical psychologist in Chattanooga, Tennessee and though she wrote this book primarily for women, much of what she discusses is applicable to anyone.  The description of the book on says, “If you've known broken relationships… If you've ever felt like you don't measure up… If you've suspected something inside you might be missing or flawed… This book is for you.”

Eckert begins the book with a section entitled “Longing for Wholeness,” something she believes in inherent in all of us.  But what is wholeness and where do we find it in our broken world?  Eckert says that it is easier to define what wholeness is not.  For example, she emphasizes that to be whole as a Christian does not mean one has to be perfect, as striving for perfection can be damaging.  Christians find wholeness in Christ, but we are also on a journey to become whole/healed.

The groundwork for this healing is in acknowledging our true identity; understanding that we are created in God’s image.  From there the author addresses issues such as recovering from the negative messages of childhood, negative self-talk, anger, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image, sexuality, healthy relationships and healing from relational wounds.

The book also includes discussion questions and a list of additional books related to each of the subjects she addresses.  With real life examples and practical advice, this book is well worth reading.

Review by Ellen Little

If you borrow tables or chairs from the church, remember, please make your request through the Fellowship Committee call the office at 412 751-8479.

If you/committee are planning to have a meeting, PLEASE schedule your meeting through the office.  Knowing the date, time and number of expected attendees helps to be certain that the space is available and who is responsible for the group.

If you are interested in contributing to the Newsletter with an article for publication please submit your notes to the office.  Since this is a “forum”, there might be some give and take if folks are interested.  Also, good Christian book reports are greatly welcomed.  The deadline is the 15th of the month except for December when it is the 10th.

Please notify the office if you are moving or will be temporarily away so records can be kept updated and mail is delivered in a timely fashion.  Also, returned mail has a cost to the church.

Even though you may be on vacation – the church is not.  We still must pay utilities, insurance and etc.  Food Bank items may be deposited in the box in the Narthex or at the lower parking lot entrance.  Paper products are especially welcome.  Continue to visit the Abitibi bin with your recyclable papers.



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