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Welcome to
Mt. Vernon Community Presbyterian Church


Every Sunday morning an elder is in the prayer room during worship praying for our church and those in worship.  If you have any special prayer concerns you can leave them on the table in the prayer room.  Please be discreet about your concerns.


Through May  2019


$ 121,856.52


$ 123,984.56

Under for the year

$ 2,128.04







  1. Approved five new members.
  2. Approved a request from Ben and Christina L. to have their son baptized at the 9 a.m. service on July 7.
  3. Approved the purchase of a portable PA system.

Have you noticed the wet and stained ceiling tiles?  The church building is desperately in need of a new roof.  The cost for a new roof is $83,000.00.  Stewardship committee has determined that we can fund approximately $40,000.00 of this expense by use of existing General funds, Renovation funds and Memorial funds.

We are prayerfully asking for $43,000.00 in gifts and contributions to fund the balance of the expense.  We have the lowest responsible bidder, PennRO Roofing Contractors, waiting to start the work until we raise the balance of funds required.  We are asking that your normal tithes and offerings continue as you consider a generous gift to help fund this needed project.

To date, we have generated approximately $17,000.  Weekly updates are provided on the charts hanging at multiple locations in the church.

Congratulations to Nancy B., Alyssa C., Dillon M. and Madison Y. who recently graduated from High School.  They were recognized during worship service on May 19th.

We will be selling strawberry jam after church until we run out and hope to have black raspberry jam next month, if the crops cooperate.  Please return any jam jars you have so we can replenish our stock of jars.  We appreciate all the people who have bought jam so far and we hope you are enjoying it.

The office is currently reviewing clearances for those who assist with or are in the building when children are here and are contacting those whose clearances need updated.

The per capita apportionment for 2019 is $33.05 per member.

The Chancel aides for the month of July Mary Beth C. and Dot C.  The Chancel aides for the month of August are Bud and Mary Ann H.

The deadline for the September “News From the Mount” is August 15.  Anyone needing to put an article in the newsletter for the month of August must turn the article in to the office no later than Thursday evening, August 15.

Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and closed on Fridays. The office will be closed on July 4 to observe the holiday.

Living the Psalms: Encouragement for the Daily Grind
by Charles R. Swindoll

Life can be a grind.  Picture an old-fashioned grindstone, a big round stone that turns and sharpens metal or one that grinds grain from a solid form into flour (essentially powder).  Or maybe picture a piece of sandpaper that rubs rough wood until it is satiny smooth.  These are productive, positive images, if we need a sharp tool, need flour, or need smooth wood, but what if we picture ourselves as the thing being sanded and sharpened or smoothed?  The result is positive, but the process can be painful.  Often, life grinds at us.

Charles Swindoll uses the book of Psalms to give us tools to cope with the daily grind - our daily problems.  He doesn’t analyze all the Psalms, but chooses 25 to examine in depth.  There are 5 segments on each Psalm that cover such issues as compromise, fear, difficult people, ingratitude, family life, and insecurity.  The book can be used as a devotional or just read in short spurts, as each segment ends with thought provoking questions or suggestions for further reflection.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working slowly through this book.

Review by Ellen L.

If you borrow tables or chairs from the church, remember, please make your request through the Fellowship Committee call the office at 412 751-8479.

If you/committee are planning to have a meeting, PLEASE schedule your meeting through the office.  Knowing the date, time and number of expected attendees helps to be certain that the space is available and who is responsible for the group.

If you are interested in contributing to the Newsletter with an article for publication please submit your notes to the office.  Since this is a “forum”, there might be some give and take if folks are interested.  Also, good Christian book reports are greatly welcomed.  The deadline is the 15th of the month except for December when it is the 10th.

Please notify the office if you are moving or will be temporarily away so records can be kept updated and mail is delivered in a timely fashion.  Also, returned mail has a cost to the church.

Even though you may be on vacation – the church is not.  We still must pay utilities, insurance and etc.  Food Bank items may be deposited in the box in the Narthex or at the lower parking lot entrance.  Paper products are especially welcome.  Continue to visit the Abitibi bin with your recyclable papers.



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