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Happy New Year!  We were so anxious to get back to preschool.  The new year has started well.  The children seemed to miss preschool, which of course makes us smile.  We did have a few very cold days but it didn’t seem to bother them.  It’s funny, we always notice a break through in the children after Christmas vacation.  They seem to come back knowing more than when they left.  It’s like all of a sudden things seem to click for them.  This year has been no exception.  Children that seemed to struggle before are now able to write their names.  It makes us so proud to see the growth and learning happening.  We recently received papers on kindergarten registration.  I can’t believe we are already getting to that point.  Time always goes so fast.  We are also getting many inquiries about preschool for next year.  If you know anyone that is interested in next year, please have them contact us soon.  Our classes are already starting to fill up.  We can’t wait to continue doing what we love to do.  Every year we are making new strides to make our preschool the best we can.  We wish everyone many blessings in this beautiful new year!

Teaching with love,

Jen, Chris, and Amy



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